Farmers are tackling the worlds biggest challenges

Food security

By 2050 the population is going to rise to 9bn people, which will require 100% more food.

Scarce resources

Water and arable land are becoming more and more scarce and their inefficient use poses serious threats to sustainable development.

Climate change

Effectively adapting to changing climate conditions requires better monitoring of soil nutrient levels, moisture, water availability and adjusting the use of resources

Knowledge of soil and environment
enables farms to make accurate decisions

Adjusting the use of resources to the specific needs of the plant generates significant benefits

Increase yield

Applying fertiliser and water based on plant needs can significantly boost yields

Save water

Applying water in a more targeted way and based solely on plant needs allows you to irrigate less

Improve quality

Precise application of water and fertiliser based on accurate information improves homogeneity and quality of crop yields

We make collecting and analysing data
better and easier than ever

Real-time sensor data

  • Soil moisture (Levels every 15cm)
  • Soil electro-conductivity
  • Soil pH
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Humidity
  • Visible and infrared solar radiation
  • Leaf wetness

Cutting-edge hardware

  • Accurate and easy to use – install it yourself
  • Flexible modular system – add sensors as your needs evolve. Choose what you want to monitor
  • Affordable – flexibility and cost effectiveness allows every farmer to reap the benefits of monitoring and analytics

Powerful software

  • Aggregate your data from multiple sensors and fields
  • Monitor trends
  • Use years of data acquisition
  • Predict diseases
  • Be informed wherever you are
  • Integrated data sources for more advance analytics

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